Contractor Mortgages

Getting a mortgage as a limited company contractor can be difficult and stressful. For those contracting in the oil and gas industry, even moreso.

FW Accounting, wanting to accommodate every need, has sought a solution. We’ve partnered with leading contractor mortgage specialists, Freelancer Financials.

Freelancer Financials is a specialist mortgage brokerage offering bespoke contractor lending. Unlike generic brokers, Freelancer Financials offers mortgages based on full contract earnings.

Where the High Street fails contractors

Most traditional High Street lenders don’t understand how contractors work. As a limited company entity, you don’t fit their ‘employed’ or ‘self-employed’ borrower profiles.

Because of this ignorance, generic advisors struggle to assess contractors’ true, relevant income. Nor do they comprehend the complexities of limited company payment structures.

Instead, in-branch advisors ignore contract income that doesn’t fit their affordability calculation. This ignorance sees High Street lenders assess contractors’ mortgage affordability on errant values.

Why a specialist broker is the answer

Freelancer Financials helps oil and gas contractors avoid the High Street’s glaring oversights. Its experienced advisors engage contractor-friendly lenders upfront to agree bespoke contract-based underwriting terms.

Using contract day rates as the base of affordability calculations makes a big difference. It means contractors can now borrow using their full contract earnings. Using contract rates also makes accounts surplus to requirements.

If you’ve never heard of contract-based underwriting, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Freelancer Financials has championed the contractor’s corner for more than a decade. The specialist brokerage has obtained mortgages for contractors from all walks of life.

The broker’s advisors know how contractors work and pay themselves. They also know each mortgage provider’s lending criteria inside out. This combination means they know how to match your situation with the right lender for you!

Competitive interest rates and favourable terms are here for contractors…

Contractors need no longer face the eye-watering interest rates of self-cert days. Freelancer Financials works with mortgage lenders to provide uber-competitive interest rates. Amenable lenders even use the brokerage to offer exclusive rates to professional contractors.

These favourable terms haven’t happened by accident. Freelancer Financials has, in many instances, been instrumental in lenders adopting contractor lending criteria.

Freelancer Financials’ outreach program means that there are now more contractor-friendly lenders than ever. Still, contractors should proceed with caution.

…not that you’d notice a change in attitudes on the High Street

On one hand, Oil and Gas contractors are on an equal footing with their permie counterparts. But on the other, you won’t access underwriters who understand contracting at branch level.

You are a niche market for traditional bank and building society advisors. It’s at head office where Freelancer Financials has forged relationships where outlooks have changed.

Your status deserves more than the High Street is willing to accommodate. Leverage our partnership to get the recognition (and mortgage) that your income deserves.

So that Freelancer Financials can find the lender that is best suited to your needs, to find out more please call Roger Hogg on 0208 421 7999. You will then be emailed your recommendations which can be discussed in more detail.

You will be assigned a contact within the company to handle your case personally and ensure that your application runs smoothly. Click here to get a quote.

Realise the benefits of contract-based borrowing through Freelancer Financials:

  • Mortgage borrowing based on your day rate (not salary or drawn dividends!)
  • Interest rates at least as competitive as those for permies
  • Mortgage underwriting that plays to contractors’ strengths
  • Access to every contractor-friendly mortgage lender in the UK

Freelancer Financials can help Oil and Gas contractors get the mortgage their income merits. For a quote or more info, either visit Freelancer Financials or contact your Account Manager. You know the drill.

FW Accounting are not authorised to offer regulated mortgage advice. Rather, FW Accounting acts as introducers to Freelancer Financials. Freelancer Financials is a trading name of Mortgage Quest Ltd, registration #312484. Mortgage Quest Ltd is authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Your lender may repossess your home if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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Our most popular service, 83% of our clients enjoy the all- inclusive support that this option provides. We take care of everything on your behalf – you won’t find a more complete service anywhere.


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