As all Self Employed Contractors need to be aware of IR35 and what it means to them FW Accounting have acted as IR35 specialist accountants since 1999.

IR35 legislation is designed to stop those who act like and are treated like employees pretending that they aren’t, known as a “disguised employee”. If not advised correctly, your contract may put you within IR35 and you’ll have to pay tax and National Insurance like an employee, rather than enjoying the benefits of all the tax breaks that those working under limited companies receive.

..honestly I can’t think of a better place to go to discover definitively, whether or not the taxman is going to come knocking on your door, so I’m absolutely all for this new system; even better that the lion’s share of the evaluation tools are completely free..

Martin Smith, Contractor Accountants

ir35 buddy

bg-leftquoteDon't BET you're compliant, BE

FW Accounting are delighted to be associated with the online portal IR35Buddy. IR35 Buddy presents a number of tools and resources that help you to understand IR35 legislation and allows you to take control of your IR35 status. Having a compliant contract and being able to demonstrate to HMRC that your working practices are outside of IR35 and that you are genuinely “self employed” is essential.

IR35 Buddy is the UK’s only online portal for contractors dedicated to IR35. It provides access to a range of tools that have been designed to help you understand the intricacies of the IR35 legislation in easy to understand language.  The unique Buddy tools range from on screen information, to interactive networks and downloads across a variety of IR35 related topics and can be used as evidence of your IR35 status.


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Passport Buddy

The IR35 Compliance Passport is the ultimate defence against IR35 legislation, giving you protection in the event of an HMRC investigation.

Independent experts complete a comprehensive review of your BET, contract and working practices. If they decide that IR35 doesn’t apply your IR35 Compliance Passport will be issued. With the Passport you receive Tax Enquiry Insurance.


Get access to a network of qualified substitutes and a sub-contract template for FREE!



Advertise your services via Hire Buddy and log all adverting costs and activity for FREE!



Ask contract experts your questions and download contract templates or supporting documentation for FREE!



Ask contract experts your questions and download contract templates or supporting documentation for FREE!


Stay in Contract

The key focus for contractors is staying in contract, whether that’s extending their existing or by winning a new one. IR35Buddy helps you to do both.

  • Limited Services Buddy – a directory of service providers in Accountancy, Insurance and Finance.
  • Jobs Buddy – a directory of top and nationwide agents, jobs feeds and specialist sector service providers.
  • Hire Buddy – allows Agents to search for candidates- where your advertisements from Advertising Buddy are listed.


In an industry that is ever changing it is crucial that your knowledge is up-to-date and that you stay informed.

  • Calculator Buddy – shows you in an instant the cost of finance and difference in tax liabilities for different trading options.
  • Press Buddy – keeps you up-to-date on contractor news pulling top articles and twitter feeds from the industries biggest publishers.
  • Library Buddy – anything you want to know about IR35 is here. Hosts a selection of downloadable and on-screen guides from industry specialists.

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