Polite, Persistant and Patient: From Prospect to Lead to Customer

Polite, Persistant and Patient: From Prospect to Lead to Customer: A Guest Blog from Andrew Smith of Aberdeen Business Network.

Following the success of Social Media Day last Friday, we have now uploaded all the videos of each mini seminar. For those of you who missed it, but are still interested and keen to learn what social media is doing, you can! Have a look www.wearecreativespace.co.uk/smw.html for all the videos, news and updates!

One of our seminar speakers, Andrew Smith of Next Business and founder of Aberdeen Business Network, knows all about generating business contacts and the value that a solid lead can provide.

Polite, Persistent, Patient

Most businesses have clients/customers and prospects. Prospects being those that may or may not become clients in the future. It is vital that we stay in touch with our prospects, but how do we do that? We don’t want them to forget about us – but we don’t want to hassle them either!

I try to remember 3 P’s (nothing to do with ‘I’ll have a ‘P’ please Bob’, from Blockbuster’s days!) – Polite, Persistent & Patient.

To take each in turn –

Polite – politeness is something we should never forget: 

  1. It’s good manners
  2. 2. We’re speaking with prospects regarding their money, which, as another small business, will be very important to them.

Persistent – however, we must be persistent. Not communicating with a prospect for 12 months is asking for trouble – and opening the door for a competitor !

Patient – yet we have to find a balance by being patient too! Our prospects will ultimately take action when the time is right for THEM – all we can do is stay in touch and be there when they need us!

ABN is an online network of Aberdeen Business contacts, which also holds courses and networking events to benefit the small business/freelancer/contractor – folks like Freelance World clients!

If you’re interested in how to join this free online network – and if you’re based in Aberdeen, or are keen to provide a service to Aberdeen-based businesses – you can check it out here: http://aberdeenbusinessnetwork.ning.com/

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