Local Accountants: Are They Really Important?

There has been a lot of hype in the media at the moment around sourcing local produce and parting with your cash to independent stores as opposed to large chains wherever possible. Everyone understands the benefits of supporting local enterprises in this way.

When it comes to businesses which operate online, however, is it really that important for them to be local? Thanks to the modern age of technology, when speaking to clients, whether they are a few miles away or a hundred, they certainly don’t feel far away when using the internet or telephone.

FW Accounting have offices in Aberdeen and Glasgow, and to those who live in these parts, we will certainly be seen as a local accountant. However, we also service clients nationwide and even internationally, and we can guarantee that our level of service does not differ. Due to a global reach with the internet, it is possible to be local to just about anyone.
Providing a high value service to our clients does not require a close proximity, as long as our clients know that there is always somebody that is going to be there to help them.

So to answer the question as to whether a local accountant is important or not, well, that’s really up to you. Some contractors like to be able to meet with their accountant regularly and distance could then be a factor, some may simply like knowing their accounts are being dealt with nearby, whilst others are just looking for an accountant who will just be their accountant, wherever that may be.

No matter how close you wish your accountant to be, you should always be getting the advice you need. A good accountant will:

  • Advise you on what can and cannot be claimed as a business expense
  • Notify you of deadlines and any requirements well in advance
  • Ensure you understand the information they give you and that you know how to use it
  • Take care of things for you whilst being there to answer any questions

That’s why, at FW Accounting, every client has access to an account manager who is there to answer any question and provide unlimited help whenever they need it, so every client understands their accounts, finance and business, whether it is in person or over the phone and internet.

Our Accountancy Packages

Choose from a choice of three fixed-fee packages, each one designed to suit how 'hands-on' you would like to be in the day-to-day administration of your company.

Standard Package

Provides all key Limited Company support services that an experienced contractor requires - ensuring low costs but leaves you with the responsibility of making all HMRC payments.

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Standard Plus Package

All the benefits of our Standard Package plus Initial IR35 Contract Review, Annual Tax Planning Review and Second Shareholder Personal Tax Return.

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Premier Package*

Our most popular service, 83% of our clients enjoy the all- inclusive support that this option provides. We take care of everything on your behalf – you won’t find a more complete service anywhere.

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